What is talkingp2p?

Welcome to talkingp2p, the language exchange website where you can talk for free to native speakers in the language you want to practice. In exchange, they can practice your native language with you.

All you have to do is to search this website for other people willing to share their time with you and to agree with them when to talk, in your language or in theirs, or a bit of both languages.

To do so, we will help you to find these people and in no time you will form a community in which to practice your “other language” through videocall.

Complete your profile to indicate which languages you speak, when are you available to practice them, your level of conversation in that language, etc.

We wish you good luck and hope you find lots of people to practice other languages with from home and, if you do not find anyone whose timetable matches your availability: make an effort; it's worth it!

How does it work?

  1. Got to talkingp2p.org, tell us where are you from, which language you want to practice and when you can do it.
  2. Talkingp2p shows you people with the same availability as you who also want to practice your mother language.
  3. Simply create a date and talk or videotalk for free in the agreed language and at the arranged time from anywhere through talkingp2p.

Let's see an example:

  1. You enter talkingp2p, say you are from the United Kingdom and that you would like to practice Spanish on Sunday afternoons.
  2. Talkingp2p finds people whose native language is Spanish and who want to practice English (your native language).
  3. Make an appointment and talk to them through talkingp2p. You will have to agree to practice in both languages, that way you both benefit!

Why talkingp2p?

P2p is the abbreviation of peer to peer which is a synonym of collaboration. It is a term often used in the IT world referring to computers connected in an equal network, acting as both clients and servers. This allows the exchange of information between them. We think that this term fits perfectly with the idea of exchange of languages that talkingp2p is based on. Here, pairs of people, possibly located in different parts of the world, help each other to reach the same objective: speaking other languages.

Best wishes,
The talkingp2p team.

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